Maybe now is your time to start learning

In my opinion learning is about having FUN. Yes you have to practise, but if practise is related to the music you like, then it is enjoyable. My way is non academic, aimed at learning while playing music you enjoy.

I teach beginners to advanced and everyone that's in between.

If you just want to play songs with simple chords, then I'll teach you how.

If you aspire to be the world's greatest, then I'll try and help you on your way.

Each student has their own download folder on this site, where I put practise backing tracks, instructional videos created for that student.

Practise at home with all the information at your fingertips, all of the items are available from your computer, or I can write you CD's. To illustrate what I mean CLICK HERE to see a sample of a typical student folder.

Tuition is in my music studio at Coverack on a one to one basis.

music room

Friendly, relaxed atmosphere


1 hour introductory - £15.00
For a full hour lesson - £24.00


It's time to make the decision

I have some acoustic guitars available that are suitable for beginners that can be hired on a short term basis but you should really have your own.

CALL 01326 280532